For years we have been providing
our business partners advice on the implementation of SAP

About Us

For many long years, we have been sharing with our partners our knowledge of and experience in implementing SAP in various scenarios. We are a team of highly skilled consultants. As a team, we bring extensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise on business processes across multiple industries. This allows to quickly and efficiently implement systems in a wide array of business projects. Our consultants have been conducting projects for large multinationals and for medium-sized domestic companies. In every project, their qualifications facilitated efficient implementation and lead to improvements in the company’s efficiency.

 Our goal is to walk an organisation through a full implementation cycle and to create an added value that comes from process optimisation and making information on the daily operation of a business available. We are making all efforts to quickly react to the changing market demands and to tailor our offer to the needs of modern enterprises. Never stopping to raise our qualifications, we engage in training courses and put a lot of effort into growing our consultants.

The key to success is to combine our consultants’ knowledge and experience with the demands of the market on which your organisation operates. Since each project is unique, we approach every implementation individually and with enthusiastic commitment. The solutions we propose are based on standard system settings. This way, the system remains cheap and simple to extend. This approach also allows the system to be upgraded quickly and easily, ultimately letting you enjoy the additional, enhanced functionality brought by SAP.

We aim to share our experience with you in a way leading to beneficial collaboration that meets your organisation’s needs.


The objective of the UNICEF programme “Firma z Sercem” (A Company with a Heart) is to change the lives of children by providing them with healthcare, protection and education. Together with other businesses we create a network of companies who care about the lives of children. UNICEF is active in Poland and all over the world. The organisation’s work in Poland is now focusing on promoting and protecting children’s rights and on collecting funds to provide help to children who live in the world’s poorest regions. UNICEF employees work in 190 countries and territories, often in the most hostile places in the world, tirelessly reaching out to children who need help the most. Starting from life-saving vaccines, through building schools and extending immediate help in humanitarian crisis situations - UNICEF is doing everything to make children’s lives better. The organisation works in the smallest villages, but also with governments, believing that no matter where they were born, what their skin colour is or what religious beliefs they have, every single child has the right to healthy and safe childhood. This what convinced us at NESC to join this noble programme.

We share UNICEF’s objectives and wish to support the organisation, and we believe their actions can make the future better for all the needy.

CREARO Consulting AG

Crearo is a consulting business founded by experienced managers. The company’s clients can draw from the experience and knowledge of experts in numerous fields. Crearo uses its experience and skills in business engineering, process planning and product development. The company’s approach combines experience, practical experience and academic background. The company’s name, CREARO, is derived from the Latin verb “creare” (“to create”). Crearo is an implementation partner for projects that involve fundamental changes, entrusted for implementation by seasoned project management experts. Crearo’s team has long years of experience in implementing ERP projects.

For 2 years we have been working with Crearo on various projects, both in Poland and abroad. Together, we analyse markets, business processes and marketing activities. We combine the knowledge and experience of our consultants. Together, we have been implementing a modern Cloud ERP system on the DACH market.